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Qatar Airways Cargo

Qatar Airways is the flag carrier of Qatar, whose headquarter is in Doha. Qatar Airways have a fleet of over 100 aircrafts. Qatar Airways has been awarded a five star rating by SkyTrack and ranked as the sixth best airline in the world.

Qatar Airways Cargo is the airline’s freight branch for transportation of cargo. Qatar Airways cargo is the latest member of Cargo 2000. Cargo 2000’s quality management program is a proven solution for implementation and measurement of quality cargo management system.

Qatar Cargo divides the cargo into three sectors, which are; Q Premium Platinum, Q safe live animals and Q cool fresh. Q premium platinum is designed for carrying time sensitive freight. Its notable features are auto confirmation for shipments weighing up to 300 kg, guaranteed uplift, late acceptance and money back guarantee. Q premium shipments are accepted from and to Qatar Airways online destinations. Once shipments is confirmed and accepted, its uplift is guaranteed. Money back guarantee is offered on the freight amount. Up to 300 kg is always confirmed, and shipments can be accepted up to 90 minutes before departure.

Q Safe Live Animals as the name of the service implies is for transporting live animals. It handles and delivers live animals in compliance with IATA Live Animal Regulations because Qatar Airways Cargo is a member of Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA).  Q safe live animal cargo has the ability to transport a wide range of animals including horses, pets, zoo animals and other animals as well. This cargo requires acceptance staff to attend Qatar Airways Cargo livestock course to be qualified in this program. It is a 3 days course which covers all aspects of animal welfare, country regulations and IATA Live Animal Regulations (LAR). For carrying animals containers must be of adequate in size (size must be such that it should allow the animal to stand in a natural position, turn around easily and lie down in its natural manner at all times). The containers also need to be of suitable design, have good ventilation and sufficient strength to prevent animals from escaping.

Q Cool Fresh service of Qatar Airways Cargo is available throughout the airline’s network for perishable items like meat, food, fruits, vegetables, fish, freshly cut flowers and dairy products. For this purpose special chiller facilities are offered in 6 temperature zones. Chiller vehicles are provided to transport cargo and thermal pallet covers for perishable cargo requiring additional protection in handling is provided. Thermal pallet covers are used to transport flowers, vegetables, fresh fruits, pharmaceuticals, fish and hi tech electrical products. These covers help to combat extreme weather and stabilize the temperature of cargo and shield it from temperature fluctuations.

In case, baggage goes missing or does not reach on time, the staff make an all out effort to investigate the whereabouts of the baggage, the baggage tracing number is given to the customer, by which the status of the baggage can be tracked. In most cases it may be delayed by 24 hours and once it is found, ii is delivered to the ultimate destination.